“I embrace the concept that imperfection is seen as the highest form of beauty, wabi-sabi as is known in Japanese.” Bijouxlovlie

The idea of making jewellery started from a recent interest in making my own jewellery just for the fun and also because sometimes I wanted to have something that would match that dress perfectly and be cruelty-free! So, I started playing with polymer clay and have been really hooked on it since.

I am a 30 something vegan who started writing the recipe blog, Veganlovlie. After being vegan since 2007, my interest in using ethical and cruelty-free products as much as possible has only but grown. Veganism for me started with making changes to my diet first, then to clothing, accessories, shoes and products. It is not always easy to find vegan products everywhere and most of the times labels don’t tell much.

While making my own jewellery, I have greatly been encouraged by my boyfriend to make some for sale. After much thought I have considered the idea for these reasons:

By making these cruelty-free jewellery I hope to provide not only a nice piece of jewellery for you to wear or offer as a gift but also to make a difference in the world as an individual.

I believe that if we expect people at the top, who have the power, to make changes to help make the world a better place, then every individual like you and me need to play a part as well.

Mass-production very often happens in very bad circumstances and abuse. Buying handmade from indie designers is one small way that you can help make the world a better place by supporting people who work for themselves on a small scale and the community that comes with indie design in particular.

I aim to produce pieces that are creative, unique and look handmade with love, compared to commercial or mass-produced jewellery; something I hope wearers will treasure. While I put every care in producing a quality standard, I embrace the concept that imperfection is seen as the highest form of beauty, wabi-sabi as is known in Japanese. Just like in nature, imperfection can be seen in the shapes of leaves, flowers and everything, yet it is of stunning beauty. This also highlights the handmade aspect of each creation.

I aim to make a difference in the world by using cruelty-free materials to the best of my knowledge in all my handmade jewellery and accessories.
The main material I use is polymer clay – FIMO and Sculpey brands. Both companies assure that their products do not contain any animal  products/by-products.
Other materials I use also include natural materials like wood, natural animal-free fabric, cotton, faux suede. I also sometimes recycle things like pot pourri into jewellery pieces; they not only look lovely and natural but also give off a nice fragrance from the little scent they have left!

I make my jewellery pieces at home in Dublin, Ireland, where I am currently residing. I was born and raised in Mauritius but have been travelling and living in different countries since I was 19 years old.

My inspiration come mostly from the sunny island I was born on – Mauritius. I also like nature and the woods. Most of my daydreaming happens there – an escape in the woods with the fairies, collecting dew drops and dancing over the flowers.
I hope you enjoy my creations. I also take custom orders. If you have a theme, something specific you want to give as a gift or want a piece of jewellery/accessory to match a dress, drop me a line.