Monday, October 17, 2011

Paper to Pearls

Paper beads. Now this is something really interesting that I've recently come across. These stories and initiatives from the founders of Paper to Pearls™ are really heartening. The possibilities and creative pieces of jewellery that can be made from paper beads are simply inspiring.

Here’s all the fascinating jewellery that the women from refugee camps in northern Uganda are making using paper beads. An initiative from Paper to Pearls™.

Paper to Pearls™ is a fair trade initiative of Voices for Global Change — a not-for-profit founded on the belief that when people who have had no voice, speak, they change their world.

According to the World Bank, the average annual income in Uganda is just US$340 or less than US$1.00 per day. Paper to Pearls beaders earn as much as US$120 per month, more than four times the national average.

Visit their website and see how we can all make a difference.

I was curious to know how they make the beads. Here's how:

All of us can make a difference if we not only buy for the use of the item or for pleasure or maybe just for the sake of buying but if we take the time to also consider the consequence of buying an item. How will I be making a difference if I buy this item? How can this improve the lives of other beings (not only human) on the planet? The butterfly effect as it is called - how every tiny action can affect everything else.

paper to pearls,paper beads

It fills my heart with so much joy to find the awakening that is happening worldwide at this present moment, to realise that the road towards a better planet is deploying little by little, to find that more and more people are trying to take part in this and making responsible choices, to realise that there is room for every being to enjoy a better life on this planet if we perpetuate the efforts...

Peace to all...

You can check out Paper to Pearls on Facebook, subscribing to their Twitter feed and follow them on LinkedIn. Also, subscribe to their blog feeds.

paper to pearls

All photos are borrowed from the Paper to Pearls website.

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